AKA: William George
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From the Tumbl Bag

Gord Sellar asks;

"So are you no longer doing comics these days? I searched and searched but this tumblr was all I came up with!"

Hey, Gord. Long time no websee…

I’m pretty much done with the medium. The effort put into making comics was no longer worth the reward gained from them. Not just the obvious audience/ ego, and financial rewards. Also the satisfaction that comes with a well-made piece of art wasn’t there either.  I figured de-publishing those old comics would make for a clean break and I sold off all of my art tools months ago as well. I’ve been feeling a lot happier with life as a result.

I’m finding photography much more satisfying as a hobby and I figure I’ll be focusing on that for a long time to come. I hope that won’t turn you off of the idea of reading.